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We take our responsibility to our tenants very seriously and aim to provide a home which is safe, secure and comfortable. We will respond to any problems which may arise without delay and will do everything in our power to ensure that repairs are carried out swiftly and efficiently.

While we welcome tenants of all kinds, we would stress the following points:

Each applicant must:

  • Be working in full-time employment or, in the case of starting new employment, be able to supply a copy of a formal written contract indicating salary and start date. If the employment is of a temporary nature it must be through a recognised employment agency and proof of 12 months earnings must be provided.
  • Have a good credit history (subject to appeal where proof can be provided)
  • Have satisfactory references from the previous landlord / letting agent (if required)
  • Have a sufficient income to pay your obligations under the tenancy


An applicant will need a Guarantor when:

  • The applicant cannot be located on the Voters Role at the address(es) given and is unable to provide proof of residency.
  • Their salary is less than the ratios above.
  • They have an adverse credit history (an adverse credit history that would be acceptable with a guarantor would mean: A single County Court judgement / Court Decree for no more than £300 in the last 3 years).

Each Guarantor must:
  • Be a resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man:
  • Guarantors residing in the Channel Islands, Eire or elsewhere in the World are not acceptable.

Right of Appeal

An applicant will be declined without the right of appeal if they:

  • Have more than one County Court Judgement
  • Their salary is less than the ratios above.
  • Have an adverse reference from the landlord, managing agent or employer.


Park Lane Properties will require a deposit in addition to the first month's rent. These amounts will be required before you take occupancy of the property. The deposit will usually be the amount of the monthly rental.

Tenant Fees

Unlike some other agents, we do not charge you a procession of fees throughout the term of your tenancy. Instead, we charge a one off, non refundable, fee at the outset and that’s that.
The fee is currently £300 + VAT.

Please note that we do not accept card payments of any sort. We do however accept payments via on-line banking.

Our VAT number is 224763115.